Out of every 10 hunts, the lion fails 9 times. But they're still the Kings & Queens of the animal kingdom. We fail but we learn. We fall but we get back up. We get ridiculed but we keep believing. We get pushed but we keep moving forward. We are hustlers. We are entrepreneurs. We are freedom chasers. That's us. That's what we do..

Faruk Deveci

Latest 07/05/'17: The only 3 copywriting formulas you need to know..

Some of the good s*** you can expect to receive

  • “Competition is healthy..”
  • When a competitor is going around talking trash..
  • Customer Value Optimization..
  • How to absolutely mesmerize others when you speak..
  • The “job” of an entrepreneur..
  • Why you’re doing social selling all wrong..
  • 2 reasons why companies fail..

You're not alone..

There ain't nothing fancy about building a business from the ground up.

It's a struggle. It's hard. It's discouraging.

Many times you just wanna give up.

But you don't.

You keep going.

Because you're a freedom chaser.

I am a freedom chaser just like you, trying to build a business[digital agency] from the ground up without outside funding, without a rich dad AND without compromising on my beliefs & principles.

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Instead of busting your a** off making someone else's dreams come true, work towards making YOURS come true without selling your soul. Without compromising on your principles and the things you believe in.

Let's get it!